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Clinical Supervision

I am an experienced  qualified clinical supervisor having trained within the highly acclaimed Jenni Biancardi Consultancy.  I am experienced in providing both group and individual supervision. I require my supervisee's to be a member of a professional body and to fulfil the requirements of the B.A.C.P. regarding their supervision.

I believe supervision is, as Schuck & Wood (2011) state:

"A collaborative process in which the supervisor works with the supervisee to explore their work reflectively. The role of the supervisor is often viewed as a mix of educative, mentoring, holding the ethical position and ensuring the safety of the supervisee and the supervisee's client. Fundamental to the relationship is a good rapport and a working alliance."

I offer supervision to student counsellors as well as newly qualified and experienced practitioners.

I offer supervision via Zoom video link or telephone.  

Supervision sessions are for one and half hours and prices are below.

If you would like to discuss embarking on a supervisory relationship with me please feel free to give me a ring so we can make an appointment for an informal chat. 

Students : £50 per 1.5 hr session (Discount only applies to students funding the supervision independently, organisational fees are as per qualified practitioners unless by prior agreement)

Qualified practitioners: £70.00 per 1.5 hr session

Schuck,C., Wood,J. (2011) Inspiring Creative Supervision. London. Jessical Kingsley Publishers. 

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