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Data Storage Policy


Angela Elaine Rodgers is the controller and the processor of data for Autonomy Counselling.

Any data queries or requests should be sent to the following address:

Angela Rodgers

Autonomy Counselling

92 The Wynd




Data is gathered and stored by Autonomy Counselling on a need to know basis only. The data collected by Autonomy counselling is comprised of personal data (i.e. your name, address, telephone number) and your case notes. Autonomy Counselling collects this data to ensure accurate identification of clients and so that contact can be effectively made with clients and with any other relevant agencies (e.g. G.P’s)


Autonomy Counselling only keeps anonymised automated data (case numbers used in Autonomy’s accounts)the remaining data is all manually collected and stored in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Angela Rodgers is responsible for ensuring that this data is Valid, Accurate and consistent. Data personal to you and your case is stored for 7 years and then securely destroyed. Any additional information not relevant after sessions have completed (i.e. emergency contact details) is destroyed via redaction when your case is closed at the end of the counselling sessions.


You are entitled to view the data held on you by Autonomy Counselling. If you would like to do so please send a written request to the contact address listed above.

Your information is kept confidential except in the circumstances outlined in your contract with Autonomy Counselling, unless you give signed consent for Autonomy Counselling to share information. Any information that is shared will be shared in line with the Caldicott principles as listed below.

  1. Justify the purpose(s)
    Every single proposed use or transfer of client identifiable information within/from Autonomy counselling  can be clearly defined and justified. This is regularly reviewed by Angela Rodgers who is the appropriate guardian for the business.

  2. Client identifiable information is not used unless it is necessary
    Autonomy Counselling considers the need for clients to be identified at each stage to ensure it is necessary to satisfying the purpose.

  3. Using the minimum necessary clinet-identifiable information
    Where use of client identifiable information is considered to be essential, the inclusion of each individual item of information is considered and justified so that the minimum amount of identifiable information is transferred or accessible as is necessary for a given function to be carried out.

  4. Access to patient identifiable information is on a strict need-to-know basis
    People who may need access to your information is restricted to Angela Rodgers or to legitimate legal subpoeana’s for your information. Should Angela Rodgers die then the nominated person Rachael Rodgers, will access client information to ensure clients are informed and to pass notes to a suitably qualified counsellor to handle storage of the notes until the 7 year period expires. This counsellor will also be bound by the terms of this policy.

  5. Understand and comply with the law
    Autonomy ensures that every use of client identifiable information is lawful.

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