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My Approach

At my core I am a Person-centred therapist - this means I have a humanistic approach that focuses on the ways clients see themselves rather than how I may feel I can interpret their ideas or even their unconscious thoughts. 

This approach (pioneered by American psychologist Carl Rogers in the 50's) fundamentally views humans as having an "innate tendency" to develop towards their full potential. Sadly at times this can get obstructed or bent out of shape by things we experience in our lives.  

During therapy I work to understand you from your point of view. I will always value you and will  be open and genuine with you. No one knows you as well as you do and I respect that. I am not a nodding dog type counsellor, I will work with you to help you understand yourself and to support you to instigate behaviour or life changes you wish to make.   

This approach, highlighted above  underpins all my work, but when I feel it is in my clients best interests I may integrate other approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy (C.B.T) which links your thoughts to your feelings and ultimately to your behaviours - helping you to change the way you think can then have a direct impact on your feelings and behaviours. I can, if required, work in a purely C.B.T manner if that is what the client desires. 

I also, whilst not generally there to give advice, will offer psycho-education if I feel this may be of benefit to you, for example to give you strategies to combat panic attacks or flashbacks.

Fundamentally I am working with you to help you get back in tune with your own inner values and to develop your self worth, self esteem and self confidence and to overcome the obstacles in life which are causing you distress. Helping you to access your own inner resources will empower you to find the way forward which is right for you as an individual, this is important as what is right for one is not necessarily right for another. 

If you worry that you struggle to talk, or to discuss feelings I can work creatively with you using mediums such as art, stones or visualisation but these methods are only used if this is something you are happy to try, sessions are client led and you decide if this is a way of working you wish to try or not.

The above is a very basic outline of my work and I can explain more in the free 20 minute telephone chat that I offer to each new client. 

Questions? - please text, call or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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